Silicone Watch Band - (42/44 S/M)

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Limited - Introductory Pricing - Limited Colors

Soft silicone Watch bands. These are great personalized by our laser engraving or just as a replacement band for your SmartWatch. They are the same thickness, weight, & flexibility. Each watch band is packaged in an individual clear sealed bag.


You may choose a design and it can be applied to one or both sides. You may add words, such as names, dates, and quotes. You may do that on one or both sides.
You may choose a combination of words and images. For example, A bee on one side, and your name on the other side.

Engravings may be filled with color or left natural. If you do not request a fill color, the band will be left natural.

In the section below for "personalization" please list your choices in the following order:

  • Design
  • "both sides" or "one side"
  • Color

Example: Ada Smith wants a bee and her name and she wants the engraving to be white. In the personalization section, Amber would list it as follows:

  1. Bee design, side 1
  2. “Ada”, side 2
  3. White fill

Monograms are in the order of firstLASTmiddle: Ada May Smith should be listed aSm


Watches come in four different case sizes (size of watch face). You can find this size on the back of the watch. The 42/44mm fits both the 42mm case & the 44mm case.

The “Small/Medium” & the “Large” designation pertains to the length of the band. It’s the same or very similar to the length of the OEM watch band lengths included with your Watch.